Josh Burggraf is a member of the United Scenic Artists Local USA 829 IATSE in the Computer Arts division, and is currently working freelance as an animation designer and as an illustrator in NY, NY. You can reach him at



Graphic Artist, Illustrator

HBO MAX- Lead GFX for "The Other Two, Season 3" / AUG-JAN 2022/3

ABC STUDIOS- GFX for "BAMMAS" pilot. /MAR-APR 2022

YOUNG WIFE FILM INC- GFX for "The Young Wife" / JAN-FEB 2022

AMAZON- Lead Graphics for "Harlan Coben's SHELTER" pilot. / AUG-OCT 2021

20th CENTURY FOX- Lead Graphics for "Wu Tang an American Saga" S2. / JAN-JUN 2021

AMAZON- Graphic Artist for "Modern Love" Season 2 / AUG-NOV 2020

ABC STUDIOS - Graphic Artist for pilot "Harlem's Kitchen" / FEB-MAR 2020

HBO MAX- Graphic Artist for 3 episodes of "The Flight Attendant" / JAN-FEB 2020

NETFLIX- Graphic Artist and Titles Designer for Season One of "Dash & Lily" / SEPT 2019- JUNE 2020

HBO- Graphic Artist for Season 3 of "The Deuce"/ JAN-JUL 2019

POLYPHEMUS STAND-IN INC.- Graphic Artist for Feature film "The Stand In"/DEC 2018

ALWAYS AM PRODUCTIONS- Graphic Artist for feature film "Lost Girls"/ OCT-NOV 2018

FX-Scenic Artist for mini series "Fosse/Verdon"/OCT 2018

MANHATTAN PLACE ENTERTAINMENT-Graphic Artist for "Spiderman Into the Spider-verse" commercial/ OCT 2018

CARTUNA-Illustrator/ SEPT 2018

FACEBOOK-Animation Background Art Director/ May 2018 – SEPT 2018

DOMINION LAZY SUSAN, LLC-Graphic Artist for feature film "Lazy Susan"/ APRIL 2018 – MAY 2018

ROMAN HEALTH-Retoucher/ APRIL 2018

MTV-Background Artist/ February 2018 –APRIL 2018

PWC-Freelance Storyboard Artist/ January 2018 – MARCH 2018